OOH Display Maintenance

& Repair Services

A Digital Billboard Before and After Specialized Pressure Washing.

• Digital Display & LCD Cabinet Cleaning

• Backlit Panel Repair

• Display Installation

• Lighting Installation & Repair

• Display Maintenance

Advertisers demand a professional presentation for their media platform. Clean, well maintained displays are a key part of keeping revenues flowing for OOH Media Companies.

We offer specialized services and cleaning of every type of OOH Display including: Digital Displays, Backlit Panels, Channel Lettering and Custom Sign Installations.

Over time Outdoor Displays lose their full impact becoming dulled by the build-up of dust and road grime. This deteriorates image quality and creates an inferior presentation for advertisers.

We offer several power washing methods using specialized nozzles and solutions which avoid damage to the display components. The results are dramatic, restoring the original contrast and clarity and delivering vibrant image quality.

This process can add years of service life to older displays.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Regular Display Cleaning & Maintenance provides a quality advertising platform that generates higher revenues.

Using a combination of cleaning and anti-static coating procedures this display is restored to it’s original image quality after years of exposure to the elements.

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